Passionate about media and a CIM qualified in strategic marketing, as Managing Director I’ve the privilege of helping our business and clients achieve their commercial aspirations. Otherwise I can be found in my garden or travelling with my family to exotic destinations.
My role here is Junior Video Editor, but I enjoy getting off the desk and helping out on a shoot in any way I can. As a stereotypical first generation millennial, I enjoy most of the activities we are known for, Gaming, YouTube, and Binging. However, I do enjoy playing the guitar on occasion and getting involved in a variety of sports whenever I can.  
I am exploring the depth of TV Producing with Face TV. I adore people and stories. When I am not in conversation with real people I seek storytelling through theatre, film and TV. I am a good listener.
I look after Face’s accounts and have had the pleasure of working with Paul and his team for over 20 years now. My spare time revolves around my two wonderful children, my two Labradors and my two horses.
As a multi-platform editor I am usually found wrestling with the idiosyncrasies of Avid, Premier or Final Cut Pro, navigating the labyrinthine intricacies of After Effects, or recording voice-overs with our pool of talented artists. My spare time is spent either trying to destroy or save the known universe, depending on my mood. I sometimes have a beard.
I’m mainly a Producer-Director but a jack of all trades really, so you can expect to see me with a camera now and then, too. I am an official Adobe Certified Expert for Premiere pro. I love listening to BBC 6 Music, going to the gym and pretending to be able to cook.
My passport says I’m a TV Producer, and life for me here at Face is all about making things happen. So, I steer the ship and shape the future. Pleasures outside of work revolve entirely around my beautiful wife and daughters, without whom none of this would happen.