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Local TV in North Hampshire

Face will be involved in a new Freeview TV channel serving the Basingstoke and Andover areas, to be launched in 2017. ‘That’s Hampshire’ is one of about 50 new TV channels launching in key towns and cities, and will be transmitted on channel 8 on Freeview, a hugely prominent position on the UK’s main TV platform.

The ‘local TV’ initiative was first announced by the Department of Culture, Media & Sport in 2011. The DCMS commissioned Ofcom to facilitate the role-out of the new channels, as well as provide the regulatory framework. The BBC is also involved, providing seed funding for the channels in their first three years of operation. In return, the channels provide the BBC with local news stories.

In 2012, Face joined forces with That’s Media to bid for the licence to operate the channel in the Basingstoke area. The proposal is for the channel to provide local news and current affairs, features about the area, profiles of local businesses, publicity for charities, promotion of local government services, raise awareness of local crime issues, provide exposure for local entertainment events, and overall to increase the level of high-profile communication to the area in a way that local newspapers and local radio are not able to do.

The licence for That’s Hampshire was won in June 2014 by That’s Media. Face is That’s Media’s partner in the channel, having co-written the winning bid for the licence. We will co-ordinate production of programmes and commercials that appear on the channel, and we will also be the local point-of-contact, responsible for the day-to-day running of the channel.

That’s Media now has a total of six local TV licences in the South of England, and three in the North, including Manchester. In the South, it has Oxford, Reading, Salisbury, Guildford, Basingstoke and the Solent area (Southampton and Portsmouth). So, for advertisers and sponsors, this local grouping of six key TV stations in some of the South’s major towns represents a fantastic new opportunity to reach local customers and clients.

If you have any ideas for projects that could feature on the channel, or you want to get involved in making programmes for the channel, then we’d love to hear from you. And if you want to know more about advertising or sponsoring programmes on the channel, then do get in touch with us.