BCMS is a world-leading advisor to shareholders and owner-managers looking to sell all or part of their company. We have created a number of projects for BCMS, from multiple webinars to this project; The Four Pillars – a video to be used as sales a tool for potential clients and demonstrate the extensive resources and knowledge that BCMS have at their disposal.

Planning for this project was key, as predetermined moving graphics needed to be added in post-production to the video material that was filmed on location. The overall design was devised from various mood boards, from which our Director then generated storyboards along with a detailed shooting schedule. We liaised with BCMS throughout the creative process to ensure the video would achieve the desired results, both creatively and communicatively.

For shooting, a Sony FS7 in combination with a DJI Ronin gimbal was used to capture the fluid motion necessary to combine with on screen graphics. With the ability of the FS7 to record footage at a very high frame rate, we used slow motion to convey the focus and attention to detail that BCMS offers their clients.

Due to the success of the final product, BCMS further commissioned us to re-version the video for multilingual use in their overseas offices.