Southampton Boat Show is an annual 10 day event of boating and marine related activities taking place at Mayflower Park and West Quay water front in Southampton.

The Show’s creative and marketing agency Thomas Miller Ltd tasked us to create a 20 and 10 second advert for TV and online advertising and promotion based on the 2017 campaign creative of a cool young girl seeing the activities going on at the Show reflected in her sunglasses.  The challenge for us was to create an engaging and interesting video using this single image.

This was done by adding a variety of video images directly into her sunglasses. The montage was a mixture of library footage from previous events plus footage of specific boats, yachts and families having fun. The same montage was subtly added into the background sky, to imply the girl’s total immersion in the event. For greater detail, we shot green screen footage of water splashing onto the camera lens and keyed this over the main image, cutting all of the above to a natural peak in music.’